Hi, I am a mom of 3 boys who have created The Crafting Broz, the mastermind behind it all is my 12 year old son Bro Ashton. He asked to have a YouTube channel for 3 years before I decided to let him. Thats how The Crafting Broz where born. The rock, paper and scissors label was created by the boys. They came up with the idea because they play rock, paper scissors to solve all issues in the house. Since their Youtube channel was a crafting YouTube channel, Bro Ashton wanted to start selling crafting box's that they created for the kids that followed their channel. My boys have worked very hard and they saved cans, collected and sold items online and did lots of chores to start this business. They have created it all on their own and I just watch over everything and talk on their social medias for them, they also get on and talk but I'm always right next to them. If you choose to purchase a box you are helping these boys run their business and also help keep them Very happy. It means the world to these boys for every box that is purchased. They literally jump up and down when someone buys ones. I can't thank you enough for anyone who buys a box and these boys always give back. They give back to the community and they give back to the people who follower their journey. My boys donated over $1,000 worth of toys last year. Their goal this year is $5,000. Help them reach their goal.